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Get extra lift with our air suspension systems

The caravan's on the back of your motor, the bikes are firmly attached to the roof of your car and then you see just how much your vehicle is struggling with the weight.  Maybe it's tilting at the back or maybe your vehicle is at serious risk of bottoming out.  Either way, your suspension needs a bit of support and Lifting and Cooling Ltd can help you get that support.
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Take the weight off with Ekollon and MAD suspension systems

With our range of automotive suspension products from both MAD and Ekollon, you've got that extra support for your suspension so that your vehicle can cope with the extra load.  The front wheels have better grip which means that your vehicle's usual braking distance is retained and you'll also notice better handling from your car as well.  There'll be a greater stability and less tendency to 'wobble' when it comes to your vehicle and your trailer or caravan.
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What a heavy load can do and what our power springs can compensate for:

  • Tilting
  • Reduced tyre grip
  • Reduced stability
  • Longer braking distance
  • Increased risk of bottoming out
  • Wobbling when pulling a trailer or caravan
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See what an Ekollon or MAD suspension can do for your vehicle:

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With our range of Ekollon and MAD suspension systems, you've always got an air suspension system to take the load off. Contact Lifting and Cooling Ltd in Durham on

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